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Welcome to wepolls, the future of social polling!
Wepolls mission is to discover what people think on a vast array of important issues in the fastest, most accurate and revealing way possible. Wepolls intends to represent the pulse and aggregate of human thought.
Wepolls is still in startup mode, offering poll creation and voting to all visitors. Members have the benefit of being able to view their profile page, see the history of questions they've voted on, gain experience, and the ability to add comments to polls.
What's next?
In the near future Wepolls will add many new features, such as:
  • Better ability to keep track of things that are important to you like certain polls and people you follow
  • Search for people with similar beliefs
  • Compare profiles of different wepals
  • Scientific polling
  • Drill down into the demographics of poll results
Expect that and much more in the future.