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Wepolls 2012 GOP Presidential Forum
On December 15th, 2011, at 11:00pm EST Wepolls is honored to host three national Republican Candidates for the office of President of the United States.
To ask a question:
  • Create a poll
  • Add options to the poll
  • Vote on your poll
  • Enter the tag (shown below) for the candidate or candidates who you would like to answer your question
  • Watch the video for further instructions
In conjunction with the campaigns, Wepolls will determine which questions the candidates will answer on the night of the event.
Wepolls Forum Participants
Fred Karger Tag: fk2012
Fred Karger is the first openly gay presidential candidate, the first Jewish presidential candidate for the Republican Party, and was the first candidate to register his candidacy with the Federal election Commission. He is currently retired, but spent three decades as a political consultant, helping out with the campaigns of Presidents Reagan and Bush. In his retirement, Karger has been promoting gay rights as an activist, and has become an integral player in many gay rights organizations, such as Californians Against Hate and the National Organizaton for Marriage. Karger announced his candadicy on April 10 in New Orleans at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. His announcement highlighted his hope to return America to the land of opportunity and equality for all. fredkarger.com
Gov. Gary Johnson* Tag: gj2012
Gary Johnson, who has been referred to as the ‘most fiscally conservative Governor’ in the country, was the Republican Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2003. A successful businessman before running for office in 1994, Johnson is best known for his veto record, which includes more than 750 vetoes during his time in office, more than all other governors combined. His use of the veto pen earned him the nickname “Governor Veto.” He cut taxes 14 times while never raising them. When he left office, New Mexico was one of only four states in the country with a balanced budget. Now, Governor Johnson is seeking the Republican nomination for President of the United States.
*Gov. Johnson's participation is predicated on his exclusion from the Fox News debate.
Gov. Buddy Roemer Tag: br2012
Governor Buddy Roemer is a four-term Congressman and former Governor of Louisiana. He is known for refusing PAC and special interest money, implementing campaign finance reform, turning around Louisiana’s failing economy and cutting the state’s unemployment rate in half in just four years. Since leaving public office, Governor Roemer has been involved in a number of business ventures. Most recently, he served as the founder, CEO, and President of Business First Bank, a small business community bank with approximately $650 million in assets that took no bailout money from the federal government. Roemer is a candidate for President of the United States. buddyroemer.com