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Sun Devil Auto broke my windshield and refuses to take responsibility, what should I do? created 3 years ago on March 5, 2012 by Paaet
So, I took my 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang to Sun Devil Auto (sundevilauto.com) for a free inspection and new tires. I usually go to the shop in downtown Phoenix, which is reputable and I have had good experience there.

This time I took my vehicle to the Glendale location because that's the closest one to where I live. "We give the same quality of service (as the other location)," they said to me on the phone, "we're just different guys."

I had my car towed there on Friday, March 2. I got a call on Monday that they were all done with the inspection, I authorized them to do some minor work (new points, new starter coil), and then I didn't hear back from them for days.

So I call on Thursday, March 8 and they say they found the right size tires and that it'll be ready for pick up the following day.

I leave work and head for the shop, on my way I get a phone call from the assistant manager asking me if I have a gas can. Why? Because they ran may car out of gas. This is pretty unusual, typically a shop would take care of this on their own. But I stop at QT, buy a gas can, and a gallon of fuel.

When I get there they still have my car on the lift. They lower it, I get in. I notice three things immediately. First, my car is in neutral. Second, there must not be any transmission fluid in it because it won't go into reverse. And third, there's a gigantic crack in my windshield that was not there when they picked my car up.

Now, one of the first things I told them when the car was dropped off is that my battery would need to be charged. I had a new battery in there, one of those really expensive ones that are supposed to last a while. It had been sitting and was dead I told them they'd need to charge it.

Their solution was to start my car with one of their batteries, take out their battery, and then drop in my battery so that the alternator would charge it. This is plain ridiculous to me. If my car were to stall, I'd be screwed. Not to mention that they had it for seven days. It takes two hours to charge a battery. They said their battery charger is shot, which may be the case, but there's a Checker and an AutoZone one mile away which charge batteries for free.

Obviously, without transmission fluid, a charged battery, and with a cracked windshield, my car isn't ready to drive home. I tell them that they need to correct these issues so that I can pick it up the next morning.

They call me around 9:30am on Saturday telling me that instead of charging my battery they gave me a new one of the same kind, and proceed to make a big deal about how they're taking such a loss and doing me a favor.

My only concern at this point is 'are they going to fix my broken windshield that they're responsible for?'

They're going off on how they towed it in backwards so it couldn't have broken from a rock in transit, and they don't have stuff flying around in their shop, and they can't just fix it.

I know, with one hundred percent certainty, that my windshield was not broken when I dropped it off. They won't come out and call me a liar, but that's basically what they were saying; that it was "like that" when they got it.

I go in and see the manager, who I've never met at this point," who asks me to speculate as to how the windshield got cracked. I don't really care, and I don't know what goes on in that shop, where my car sat for a week, so in my opinion, anything could've happened. But, I think they lifted it wrong. They had it on a lift in neutral. If they lifted it too close to center, or were opening the doors and climbing in an out, then the body would've flexed causing the windshield to crack vertically down the center.

Now it's Monday morning, and I have a choice of actions. I am going to call their district manager, who I doubt will be helpful, and speak to my insurance company. I can see if the Better Business Bureau can be successful in convincing them to correct their error, or I can call my attorney.

What would you do?