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Election 2012: Is it over for Romney before it begun? created 3 years ago on April 19, 2012
I am looking at an ABC poll released on Monday that show's President Obama's personal favorability rating at 64%, not the 41%, which is his overall job approval. Romney, who so aptly points out that he is currently unemployed, has no job to be approved of. Romney's personal favorability ratings are currently 35% favorable, 41% unfavorable.

Further, I think that personal favorability is a more key factor than what is given credit for. In 2004 President Bush's job approval rating was lower than Kerry's favorability. However, Bush's personal favorability was much higher than Kerry's which is why he was reelected.

Same goes for election 2012. Monday's Fox News poll showed that people think Obama is more likely to tell the truth, smarter, and more optimistic. Monday's ABC poll showed that Obama is more trusted to create jobs, protect the middle class, and is better on social issues. Romney only edged out Obama on the economy and deficit.

America's not going to elect the guy who they who they don't think is honest or smart, and who they don't believe will create jobs and keep the country safe, even if they think that guy will marginally handle the economy better. That's what Obama's personal favorability shows that his job approval doesn't.

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