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Do you think scientists at Cern have really broken the speed of light? by crizCraig 3 years ago on September 22, 2011
Not sure yet flag 43%
No way (e = mc^2) flag 30%
Yes flag 18%
Any object that has no mass defines infinity as its maximum speed. flag 5%
their travel distance is different, because neutrino can penetrate everything, and their different mass also results in the different travel path, although they may start at the same point and end at the same point. flag 5%
Scientists shot muon neutrinos underground 732km (455 miles) from Cern to another laboratory in Gran Sasso, Italy at speeds slightly faster than the speed of light. Slightly faster meaning billionths of a second shorter than expected travel times. The experiment was repeated over 15,000 times and now awaits scrutiny and reproduction by other scientists. Reuters

This would basically mean that Einstein was wrong in his famous formula e = mc^2. The speed of light, c, would not be constant. Worm holes, warp speed, hyper drive? Not yet. The speed is only slightly faster even if this finding is confirmed. Also, it's just neutrinos, not people, but maybe someday.
William Hurst
2 years ago on July 7, 2012
I have argued that this dual state particle has no speed limit, just a common speed, like our highway for the past 10 years! this would as well change the black hole, and time travel by FTL travel... (you can only see the past, but you never change frame of reference)
answered: Yes
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