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Wisconsin Recall 2012: Scott Walker or Tom Barrett?
commented: I live in the land of ghost Mayor Barrett. He has done nothing for the City of Milwaukee. We have lost significant jobs here, the African Americans have an atrocious unemployment level, our MPS equals 3rd world countries, he has allowed astronomical sewage into Lake Michigan, we have one of the highest infant mortalities-teen pregnancies rates in the country, our city streets are worse now than ever since we are forced to pay a $20 pothole fee + drive license fee in Milwaukee whenever we renew our driver's licenses. Moreover, we are being forced to pay and forever subsidize a boondoggle trolley that goes no where. But, Barrett says it's federal money............well HELLO, that is our taxpayer money. He only appears when he has a pet project and wants to spend our money; otherwise, he is missing in action.

As far as him being attacked at State Fair, he is suppose to have a security detail with him as Mayor by the Milwaukee Police Department. He refused to have them along that day.

I'm with Valerie J.......we have lived in City of Milwaukee since 1978...had to due to spouse's job. Our assessment has gone down big time, but, the taxes have increased with less services. If city residents have to live in Milwaukee, then give them a quality of life. Barrett has NOT done that. Many businesses have left the City of Milwaukee and Barrett does nothing to allure/or keep businesses here. He has done nothing to enhance the Grand Avenue Mall downtown/or the old Northridge Mall.....both are pretty vacant.

Recalls are for malfeasance/or misconduct in office. You don't negate the citizens of WI voting of November 2010 because you want a DO OVER. BTW, Valerie, it's not 9 million for this recall, it is 18 million!!!! That money could have gone for more teachers, schools, elderly, disabled-special needs children , etc. Your lucky Governor Walker did not hand out pink slips. Many people in the private sector are without jobs, stopped looking, and homes are in foreclosures. They also pay a phenomenal amount for healthcare and pensions (if they are lucky to have them/or 401k's).

My state senator Lena Taylor was one of the 14 runners to IL. It was an atrocious thing she did. Governor Walker saved many school districts, taxpayers, and even teachers. The school districts no longer under union extortion tactics due to Act 10.

So stop causing chaos and turmoil in WI. It was not Gov Walker that caused the division, it is the unions, the radical Marxist out of state groups, and the man in the WH who wants WI badly...and will do anything to get it back.

TGFSW. The silent majority will not allow you to push WI into debt again.....we will be out there defending our Governor Walker, Lt Governor Kleefisch, and the 4 recalled senators en masse.
3 years ago on May 10, 2012
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Wisconsin Recall 2012: Scott Walker or Tom Barrett?
answered: Gov. Scott Walker (R)
3 years ago on May 10, 2012
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